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IN MEMORY – An emaciated young feral pigeon

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Name/s: Tootles
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Tootles was found sitting at the side of the road during very hot weather
Diagnosis: Tootles appears to have been struggling since she left the nest as she is very thin. It is likely that she has struggled to find water during the hot weather and is also dehydrated.


IN MEMORY – A woodpigeon with a suspected concussion

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Name/s: Harvey
Species: Wood Pigeon
History: Harvey was found in a garden unable to fly
Diagnosis: Under assessment but we suspect Harvey is concussed after flying into something


IN MEMORY – A feral pigeon possibly hit by a car

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Name/s: Pidge
Species: Feral pigeon
History: Pidge was found unable to walk or fly in a park
Diagnosis: Pidge had severe bruising down one side suggesting he had been struck with something. Unfortunately, there was also internal bleeding.


IN MEMORY – A feral pigeon found unable to fly

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Name/s: Jane
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Jane was found in a garden unable to fly
Diagnosis: Jane is suffering with coccidiosis and roundworm which made her very thin and weak