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RELEASED – A young feral pigeon who was found unable to fly

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Name/s: Ricky
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Ricky was found on the roof of a college building and was unable to fly away when approached. He is old enough that he should have fledged by now so this suggested something was wrong.
Diagnosis: Ricky had tapeworm

Minnie & Mouse

HOMED – Two young female rats

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Name/s: Minnie & Mouse
Species: Rat
Gender: Female
Neutered: No
Date of Birth: Minnie was born probably in September 2016 and Mouse in April 2016.


RELEASED – A feral pigeon with suspected paramyxovirus

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Name/s: Murphy
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Murphy is a regular visitor to one of our frequent pigeon finders who caught him when he appeared unwell.
Diagnosis: Murphy is suspected of having paramyxovirus


RELEASED – A feral pigeon showing signs of paramyxovirus

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Name/s: Renaldo
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Renaldo is a regular visitor to the garden of one of our frequent pigeon finders.
Diagnosis: Renaldo likely has paramyxovirus


RELEASED – A poorly feral pigeon found unable to fly in Kingston

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Name/s: Nero
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Nero was found in Kingston town centre and wasn’t able to fly
Diagnosis: Nero’s crop wasn’t functioning properly on admission. We cleared this with treatment and also treated him for a possible fungal infection.


RELEASED – A surprise baby pigeon born in our aviary

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Name/s: Oops
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Oops was born in our aviary
Diagnosis: No health issues