Who We Are

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

The Starlight Trust is run by a small team of volunteers – we have no paid staff. You can meet us below. If you’d like to get involved then do visit our volunteering page.

Sarah with her first rat, Malcolm

Name: Sarah Argrave
Role/s: Managing Trustee, Animal Care Manager, Webmaster, and Wildlife Services Manager.

Sarah undertakes most of the day to day running of the trust including caring for the animals at HQ and looking after our websites.

Dave with Bertie and Frodo

Name: Dave Argrave
Role/s: Managing Trustee, Animal Care Assistant, Treasurer, and Animal Collection & Transport Officer.

Dave helps Sarah with running the trust and cleaning the animals, maintains our accounts, and does lots of driving!

Louise with Elsa, one of the many pigeons she has rescued

Name: Louise Gale
Role/s: Trustee, Foster Carer (Releasable Pigeons), Deputy Wildlife Services Manager, and Animal Collection & Transport Officer.

Louise cares for pigeons at ‘stage 2’ which is those who are recovering before moving out to the aviary. She spends a huge amount of time helping people with wildlife casualties locate rescue help and driving all round South London helping sick pigeons.

Amanda with her dog, Cain

Name: Amanda Lynch
Role/s: Trustee

Amanda supports Dave & Sarah in ensuring that the trust is well run and carrying out the goals and objectives for which it was established.

One of Shuri’s gerbils

Name: Shuri Pentu
Role/s: Amazon Wishlist Assistant

Shuri takes in donations from our Amazon Wishlist for us


Penny with Frodo

Name: Penny Spokes
Role/s: Assistant Directory Administrator

Penny helps to keep the directory on helpwildlife.co.uk up to date

Name: Sarah Franklin
Role/s: Rehoming Assistant

Sarah spreads the word about our adoptable animals, helping them find great new homes

Other volunteers (more details coming soon)…

Paul Davis – Paul looks after our releasable pigeons and releases them into his garden
Natalie Fishlock-Gibbs – Natalie cares for some of our resident pigeons
Alison Triggs – Alison cares for some of our resident pigeons
Chris Gunter – Chris helps with checking the helpwildlife.co.uk directory
Alison Wood – Alison fosters rodents for us
Lana-May Humphrey – Lana-May fosters hamsters needing homes
Dawn Symes, Sian Fei and Carly Davis – Help with transport

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