Albert, Rose & Blossom

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Albert, Rose & Blossom

All About Albert, Rose & Blossom

Name/s: Albert, Rose & Blossom
Species: Fancy Mice
Sex: Mixed
Neutered: Albert is neutered, the girls are not.
Date of Birth: Albert was probably born in Autumn 2016, Rose in January 2017 and Blossom in March 2017.
History Albert was used in filming a Christmas TV advert and then advertised for rehoming. He was adopted by a kind family but they found him a little tricky to handle and felt he would benefit from finding some friends and a more experienced home.

Rose was in a pet shop where she became pregnant. A kind family took her and her cagemates home so they could give birth in a nicer environment. When the babies, Blossom amongst them, were grown, the pet shop refused to take them back.

Temperament Albert has not had much handling so has been rather nervous. Since he was neutered and moved in with the girls, he has more confidence. He is still wary of being picked up but then he rather enjoys a fuss.

Rose and Blossom have had lots of handling thanks to their foster home so they are much more confident and easy to handle.

Health No apparent issues
Ideal home Albert, Rose and Blossom would like a home all together. This should be a home with some experience of mice who is willing and able to put time into winning Albert’s trust. Due to Albert’s shyness, their main carers should be adults.

Albert, Rose and Blossom Updates

Author: Sarah

Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager

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