Adopting from us

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Due to the pandemic we have been unable to take animals in for rehoming since March 2020. We therefore have very few animals for adoption and we expect that to remain the case until at least 2023. Click here for more information.

We take finding excellent homes for the animals in our care very seriously. We passionately believe that small pets are EVERY bit as important as cats, dogs, horses etc and deserve the same level of care and consideration. If you want to adopt from us we’ll ask that:-

  • animals adopted from us live in the home as a pet – we do not home animals to schools, zoos etc and we do not home animals for breeding, feeding or any purpose other than as a companion.
  • you understand that small size does not mean less importance. You’ll take adopting one of our animals as seriously as if they were a dog or cat and be able to provide an excellent, dedicated home where the animals will be valued as family.
  • you live in the South East of England, within about an hour of us in Wallington, SM6.
  • you agree to be interviewed via video call or over the phone about the type of home you can provide and to provide pictures of the accommodation the animals would live in.
  • you are willing to sign a contract agreeing to care for the animal/s in accordance with our care sheets and return the animal/s to us if you can no longer care for them.
  • you agree to be proactive in keeping in touch to provide regular updates on the animals.

The pandemic has complicated adoptions. We operate from our home and we are shielding so we can’t bring adopters into our house and get to know them as we usually would. Due to this, we are implementing some extra criteria temporarily to mitigate these issues. In order to adopt from us currently, we ask that you also

  • have previous experience of caring for the species you are applying to adopt
  • can provide a reference from a rescue or breeder from whom you have previously adopted, confirming that you have previously signed an adoption contract and complied with its terms.

The adoption handover will need to take place outside our home in Wallington with strict 2 metre social distancing observed and masks worn.

If you would like to proceed with an application to adopt some animals from us, please start by visiting our Meet the Animals page to see who is currently available and see the ‘Apply to Adopt Me’ tab of the animal/s you’re interested in for next steps.

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