Rehoming Your Pet

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey


We are a very small rescue run by full time workers from our spare bedroom. We wish we could help every animal we’re asked to, but it simply isn’t possible. We’ve had to think very hard about how we can prioritise our resources especially now we’re helping pigeons as well as small pets, and in light of the closure of several other local rescues.

With this in mind, in order to ensure our very limited small pet space is prioritised towards the most needy animals, we are imposing the following admission criteria.

Subject to space, we will accept animals where

  • They are stray, homeless or abandoned
  • The owner has a serious health issue which was not known about when the animal was acquired, and which prevents them from providing proper care
  • The animal has a health issue which the owner cannot afford to treat
  • An animal of a sociable species is living alone because of bereavement or because it won’t mix with the owner’s other animals of that species
  • With regret, we can no longer take in animals where

  • The owner is rehoming due to a house move or landlord dispute
  • The owner is rehoming because they or their child has lost interest or no longer has time for the animal
  • The owner is rehoming because of a change in circumstances such as a divorce or change of working hours
  • The animals came from a private breeder – in this situation please contact the breeder so that they can take responsibility for the animals they created.
  • In these situations, we advise that other rescues are contacted, or the animals are rehomed privately (Guidance on this coming soon)

    If you need to hand in animals which meet our admission criteria, please use the button below to submit a request and we will do our best to help.

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