Rehoming Your Pet

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

We are a very small rescue run by full time workers from our spare bedroom. We wish we could help every animal we’re asked to, but it simply isn’t possible.

Before submitting an admission request, please be aware that we are located in Wallington, Surrey/South London, SM6 and will usually rely on the owner to bring the animal to us. We don’t charge a fee to take animals in but donations to help with our costs are very much appreciated.

The current position is as follows:-

Rats – Admissions currently paused until the impact of our recent degu admission is known.
Degus – We have just taken in 10 degus, including some possibly pregnant females. We won’t be able to take in any more degus until they are placed with other rescues or rehomed (at least April 2020).
Mice – we have a permanent resident group of four boys so we will be unable to take any other mice for the foreseeable future (likely until 2021).
Hamsters – one space available. Click here to complete an admission request.
Chinchillas – we have a permanent resident pair of disabled chinchillas so we will be unable to take any other chinchillas for the foreseeable future.
Gerbils – we do not currently have facilities for gerbils and suggest contacting Gerbil and Rodent Rescue in Selhurst.
Pigeons – with regret we can no longer accept pigeons from the general public. This is because our permanent pigeon space is full and our group of regular finders keep us constantly full with new patients. See for details of other rescues. 

You may wish to contact one of the other rescues on our links page

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