Application Received

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Thank you, your application has been submitted.

Regrettably, due to high volumes of ‘low quality’ applications and a lack of resource, we will now only respond substantively to applications which pass an initial sift. This means you probably won’t hear from us if

  • We don’t have any of the species you are looking for available
  • Your application was incomplete
  • The cage you intend to use does not meet minimum size requirements
  • Your home does not meet the basic advertised requirements for the particular animal for whom you have applied e.g. the animal needs an experienced home but this would be your first of that species, the animal needs an adult owner but you’re looking for a pet for your child, the animal/s need to live as part of a group but you don’t have any others of that species etc
  • You’re outside of our adoption area (within about an hour of us in Wallington, SM6).

Assuming your application is not sifted out, we hope to get in touch within 48 hours but please be aware that the person processing applications is also the person responsible for most of our animal care and the care needs of the animals will always come first. So during busy periods it may be up to a week before we are able to respond.


Sarah & Dave
The Starlight Trust

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