The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey


All About Arnie

Name/s: Arnie
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Arnie had been hanging around in a garden for a couple of weeks unable to fly well.
Diagnosis: On examination we found a deep puncture wound on Arnie’s shoulder, probably caused by a cat. This had gotten very infected and the area was inflamed. We were able to treat the wound but there seems to have been some permanent nerve or muscle damage. Arnie flies quite well but not well enough for release unfortunately. After about a year living the bachelor life in the aviary, Arnie fell instantly in love with Hallie when she moved in and the two are now a bonded couple.
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown but we would estimate he was born in 2013

Arnie Updates

Due to Arnie’s poor flight, we have decided that he should remain here as a permanent resident. If you would like to sponsor Arnie’s care you can find out how here.

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