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PEW babies

All About the PEW babies

Name/s: Neron, Phonz, Guy, Barin, Remo, Ondre & Larkin
Species: Rats
Sex: Male
Neutered: No
Date of Birth: Born late December 2017
History These babies were unwanted so came to us to find new homes
Temperament The boys are in foster care getting lots of socialisation so we expect them to be confident and friendly when they are ready for their new homes.
Health No apparent issues
Ideal home These boys would suit first time owners or experienced rat keepers alike. We will want them to have a large cage with plenty of free range time and lots of attention.

PEW baby Updates

18/02/18 – One pair and one trio are reserved for new homes, leaving one pair left. We prefer rats to live in groups of at least three so preference would be given to a home with existing rats or with the intention to add more rats soon.


A young pigeon who was a bit stunned. Edwyn has now been returned to the wild.

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Harley was found suffering from a virus and cared for by another rescuer. He came to us for assessment and, happily, we found he was fit for release. Our friends at Forget Me Not wildlife rescue provided him with a safe, soft release.

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