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Hooley broke his leg when he fell out of his nest onto a pavement. He made a full recovery and has since been returned to the wild.

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Munch was handed in when her cagemate died. She has now found a home with a neutered male degu for company.

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Carrie was advertised for free online. We picked her up and found she had an ear infection and bad mites. After treatment she found a lovely new home.

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IN MEMORY – a woodpigeon with severe injuries who sadly had to be euthanased

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Species: Wood Pigeon
Gender: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown


Bonnie arrived in poor condition with mites and injuries to her tail. After treatment we found her a lovely new home.

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Clyde hadn’t been handled much prior to coming here and it took a lot of work (and a fair bit of chocolate) to get him used to being touched. We found him a home with an experienced, patient owner who was able to win him round.

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Leo was advertised free online so we picked him up and found him a lovely new home who was able to work on his confidence.

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Dylan was advertised free online and had been living in a tiny hamster cage all alone. We found him a new home where he had lots of friends and a lovely big cage.

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IN MEMORY – A traumatised female degu

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Name/s: Betty
Species: Degu
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown but thought to be 2012


IN MEMORY – A neutered male degu with ongoing dental issues.

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Name/s: Semi
Species: Degu
Gender: Male (neutered)
Date of Birth: Unknown but believed to be around 2010

Cabo and Lleno

The boys owner passed away and they were only found sometime later. Initially traumatised, they came round with gentle handling and are now thoroughly spoiled in their wonderful new home.

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Ryan was rescued from a home where lots of animals were neglected. He had diabetes so he spent his life here with us.

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Bruce was rescued from a home with lots of animals which were not receiving proper care. We found him a fabulous new home.

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Minkie Mice

These mice were the result of a pet shop sexing them wrongly. Most went on to find new homes with the exception of Jules. He developed a skin issue and did himself some damage scratching so remained here as a resident.

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IN MEMORY – Edwina was a sanctuary resident who spent her life here with us.

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Name/s: Edwina
Species: Rat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: January 2008

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