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Name/s: Clyde
Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Approx Spring 2013
History Clyde was passed to us by another rescue who didn’t have facilities to care for him.
Temperament Clyde hadn’t been handled much for some time as he had apparently bitten some people. He was terrified on being touched on arrival and became panicked. We took time to get him used to being touched again using a soft paintbrush. Eventually he was ok to be picked up in a tea towel and enjoyed being stroked.
Health Clyde arrived with a chronic, untreated respiratory infection. This responded to antibiotics but he may have some lung damage.
Ideal home Clyde needs a very understanding home who will give him time to get to know them and be comfortable with physical contact. He is susceptible to bribery with chocolate! We would like Clyde to be able to live with other rats again but his new friends will need to be gentle and welcoming as Clyde isn’t strong enough for difficult introductions.

OUTCOME: Clyde found a new home with two other boys previously adopted from us. He now enjoys cuddles with them and sitting on his new Mum’s lap in the evenings 

Author: Sarah

Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager

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