The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey


All About Cooper

Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Cooper was born in one of our aviaries after two of our naughty residents hid an egg from us
Diagnosis: We try hard to prevent our pigeons from breeding for several reasons, not least genetics. Cooper’s Mum lives with us because she has a deformed leg and Cooper sadly inherited the same issue.
Sex: Unknown (but we’re going with male for now)
Age: Cooper was born here on the 8th July 2018

Cooper Updates

We’d originally hoped Cooper’s leg issue was ‘just’ a splayed leg, which can happen when a baby is in the nest alone or grows too fast. But as time has passed it’s become clear there is a more significant deformity. He’s now been to see our vet who has advised that his tibia (shin bone) is rotated. Today (8th August) he had that bone broken and rotated and pinned into a better position. We now have to see how well he heals and how usable his leg is when the pins come out in three weeks time.

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