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All About Corki

Name/s: Corki
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: When a building which contained nesting pigeons was being redeveloped we were asked to help with any displaced babies. Thankfully there weren’t many and we took delivery of two babies as well as a single egg from a nest which was going to be blocked off. We didn’t expect much to come of it but we decided we might as well put the egg under our broody resident pair, Melvin and Leia, who were already sitting on a plastic egg. About 3 weeks later, to our surprise, the egg hatched and out came little Corki!
Diagnosis: Corki was healthy but injured her wing when she was a few weeks old. She flies fairly well but not quite well enough. Between that and her wild instincts being dulled by being born in captivity to semi-tame parents, we decided it would be best if she stayed with us.
Sex: Female
Age: Born August 2015

Corki Updates

If you would like to sponsor Corki’s care you can find out how here.

29/12/15 – Corki has now bonded with Gambit 🙂

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