Hamish, Alec, Arthur and Ned

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Hamish, Alec, Arthur and Ned

Name/s: Hamish, Alec, Arthur and Ned
Species: Fancy Mouse
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: Approx 10-12 weeks
History These boys were owned by a vulnerable person who didn’t understand their needs. They were living in a cage with gerbils, rats and hamsters.
Temperament Lovely boys, very easy to handle and keen to be friends.
Health Hamish has an injured tail but the boys are otherwise in good health.
Ideal home These boys are all friendly and easy to handle so would be suitable for less experienced owners. You need to be aware that groups of male mice sometimes need managing to make sure they stay friends but we can provide advice and support on this.

Author: Sarah

Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager

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