Pigeon Appeal

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

The Starlight Trust’s animal rescue work was originally set up primarily to help pet rodents. We always hoped to be able to extend this to other species but this was really a dream for when that lottery win eventually happened.

With Sarah’s background in wildlife rescue, the odd wildlife casualty that couldn’t get good help elsewhere came along but these were usually single figures each year. Until 2014 when number started creeping up, culminating in 64 pigeons in 2017.

We don’t often blow our own trumpets here but we are good at saving pigeons – around 75% of those who come here survive their injuries – and we’re one of a small number of rescues offering sanctuary to those not able to return to the wild.

But the numbers we can take are severely limited – we can probably manage 50 a year realistically. We’d like to double that and we have a plan but we need your help to do it.

The Plan

Herbert who needed a wing amputation and now lives happily in our aviary

Set up a shed in foster carer Louise’s garden which will accommodate around half a dozen ‘stage 2’ birds i.e. those in recovery and getting ready to go outside (approx. £350)

Use the space this frees up at ‘HQ’ to accommodate half a dozen new ‘stage 1’ cages i.e. those still needing treatment or hand feeding (approx. £165 for new units)

Move the Purple Pigeon Palace to fosterer Paul’s garden and use this to accommodate birds in pre-release rather than permanent residents (free if we can get help or £90 if we have to hire a van)

Add a new aviary to fosterer Alison’s garden which will be used to accommodate some of our fitter permanent residents (£1065)

Do some work in the garden at HQ to make more space for a larger aviary to accommodate more permanent residents (approx. £800 for a new aviary depending on size)

How you can help

One of our existing aviaries

We need volunteers to
– help clear the space in gardens for the new aviaries
– take rubble, garden rubbish etc to the local tip
– move one of our stage 2 cage stacks from HQ to Louise’s (this will need a van)
– repaint and refelt the Purple Pigeon Palace

And we need to raise at least £2500 to make this happen!

Literally every single pound will help and be massively appreciated. Pigeons need all the friends they can get so if you, like us, believe that they deserve the same help and care given to more ‘glamorous’ species, please do send us whatever you can afford.




Thanks to all your donations and a grant from Lush, we actually exceeded our total for this appeal, raising nearly £4500! Consequently we were able to achieve all our aims and add lovely new aviaries at both HQ and fosterer Paul’s garden.
Thank you for your support xx

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