The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey


All About Leia

Name/s: Leia
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Leia was found as a baby by a fellow pigeon rescuer. They hand reared her but, as she grew, she developed a problem with one of her legs.
Diagnosis: Leia has a deformed leg
Sex: Female
Age: Born Spring 2014

Leia Updates

We took Leia in from another rescuer knowing that she would need to remain with us for life because of a badly deformed leg. She was hand reared so she is very comfortable in captivity. If you would like to sponsor Leia’s care you can find out how here.

Leia has now bonded with Melvin 🙂

Melvin and Leia have been sitting on an egg for us and today it has hatched! You can follow their baby’s progress here.

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