Minnie & Mouse

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Minnie & Mouse

Name/s: Minnie & Mouse
Species: Rat
Gender: Female
Neutered: No
Date of Birth: Minnie was born probably in September 2016 and Mouse in April 2016.
History Minnie was on her own in a pet shop adoption section, advertised as needing to be homed to live alone. Keeping rats alone is cruel and very few are unsuitable for mixing. Sure enough, Minnie made instant friends with Mouse and Chips so we decided to home them as a trio. Mouse was purchased from a pet shop in June but a family member became allergic to her.
Temperament Minnie is very timid but is gaining confidence from living with other rats. Mouse is a little shy but likes to be friends.
Health Minnie has no known issues. Mouse had a respiratory infection before she came to us but this was treated successfully.
Ideal home An experienced home is needed as Minnie is so very scared. Confident friends to live with would be an advantage.


Author: Sarah

Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager

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