Online Volunteering

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Quite a bit of our work is online so you don’t need to be local to be able to help. For example, we currently need help with the following

  • Running our websites, especially with the really technical stuff which is a bit beyond our capabilities. Even if you can just be available to answer our daft questions when something goes wrong, that would be a huge help!
  • Running our social media accounts. This would best suit someone who is experienced in social media and who would feel confident to use their initiative to find or create content on top of the stories about our work that we generally share.
  • Maintaining the directory of wildlife rescues at This requires a general level of comfort with IT, using wordpress and google sheets. I’ll be honest, it’s not very exciting work but it is really really important.
  • Graphic design. We’d love to revamp our logos, make our websites more visually appealing, and get our wildlife advice leaflets looking more professional.

If you can help with any of these roles please send an email to including details of relevant skills, experience etc.

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