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All About Percy

Name/s: Percy
Species: Feral Pigeon
History: Percy was found stuck in netting
Diagnosis: We think Percy has broken his tail. This is basically a low spinal fracture which leaves him unable to stand, though he still has movement in his legs.
Sex: Unknown
Age: Fledgling

Percy Updates

Percy is out in the aviary now and doing really well. His leg strength remains a little compromised though so we expect he will probably remain here as a resident.

May 2018 – Although Percy did well in the aviary for several months, in March we noticed he was starting to struggle. He seemed to have less strength in his legs which was leading to him using his wings as ‘propellers’ a lot, and then to him falling over. We brought him indoors and gave him a course of treatment for parasites in case that was the cause. After a few weeks of this, there was no improvement…in fact he continued to deteriorate to the point where he was getting covered in his own poop because he couldn’t control his movements. Very, very sadly we made the decision to say goodbye to Percy. He was very special to us…he arrived on my birthday and we spent weeks on daily physio where he made us smile with his determination and cheekiness. We miss him a great deal but he deserved not to struggle they way he was. Rest in Peace, Percy xx

Author: Sarah

Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager

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