Sunday Summary 18th August 2019

So it’s been a while but I thought it was about time I got back into writing Sunday Summaries. With the changes we’ve made to the website, we can now add these as blog posts which makes things easier too.

As I write, we currently have 69 animals in our care. These are

  • 42 feral pigeons
  • 11 domestic pigeons
  • 4 pet doves
  • 1 syrian hamster
  • 7 fancy rats
  • 4 fancy mice

We’ve had a few new guests arrive this week. On Tuesday, we welcomed Ariana – a racing pigeon who got lost and attacked by two cats. You can read all about her here.

Fluffy arrived on Friday. She is fed regularly by her finder who has been tending to her beak which tends to overgrow. However, Fluffy recently developed an eye infection so she’s come to us for treatment. Read all about her here.

And, finally, Saturday saw the arrival of these cuties – Ayana and Kalina. Read all about them here.

We haven’t had any releases or rehomes this week. Pigeon releases are suspended as, sadly, there has been some PMV in the resident flock again. Old friends Perky and Gonzo have come back showing signs of the virus. Happily both are doing well.

Looking for homes we currently have Andi the hamster, Caspar pigeon, Poppet and Pompei the diamond doves, & Noah and Nellie the barbary doves. If you can offer any of them a wonderful new home, please complete the application form on their page.

Finally, just a quick plug for our amazon wishlist. We’re in particular need of feeding syringes, paper towels and coxitabs but we’d be very grateful for any contributions.

Thanks for reading 🙂