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1. I’ve found an injured/lost pigeon

Sadly our space for pigeons is now maxed out as we have around 50 permanent residents. Until we get more fosterers come forward willing to have aviaries in their gardens we simply cannot fit any more in. You can check for details of other rescues such as Wildlife Aid in Leatherhead.

9. I’d like to donate some items such as cages/hutches/tanks/animal food/towels/beds/newspaper

We can use some such donations – apologies if we seem ‘picky’ but it’s simply because our space is so limited because we run from our spare room, and we don’t want to end up throwing away things we can’t use or fit in.

We are very grateful for donations of any safe consumables such as

  • hamster/mouse/gerbil/rat/chinchilla/degu/pigeon food
  • hay
  • paper or cardboard bedding materials, newspaper and shredded paper
  • small towels such as those up to hand towel size

If you have these to donate, please contact us via the form under ‘something else’ below.

We appreciate offers of but regret we cannot use

  • cat/dog/rabbit/guinea pig food
  • sawdust and woodshavings
  • large towels, blankets or duvets

We appreciate offers of but regret we do not have space for non consumable rodent equipment such as

  • cages, hutches, tanks and carry boxes
  • bottles, hammocks and houses
  • wheels or balls

We really appreciate being thought of for donations like these and we’re sad that we can’t accept more of them. Our links page contains details of other rescues in the area who might appreciate such donations.

6. We’d like to come and visit the animals

Unfortunately we are not able to accept visitors. As well as the small pets we also have nervous dogs and wild birds here so we need to minimise disruption for their sake. Having visitors would also mean we would have to pay for licenses and insurance and we prefer to spend our limited funds directly on the animals. One day perhaps we’ll have a big purpose built centre but, for now, we must work around the restrictions of operating from our little house 😉 We appreciate you may wish to “check us out” before adopting from or surrendering to us and we welcome as many questions as you would like to ask. We can also provide references from other rescues and adopters on request.

5. I’m trying to find your location/address

We are located in Wallington, Surrey, SM6. This is between Sutton and Croydon on the South London/Surrey border. If you need our full address please fill out the form under ‘something else’. We don’t publish this to avoid having animals abandoned on our doorstep.

4. I want to adopt an animal.

Information about our adoption process can be seen here and up to date details of adoptable animals can be seen here . If we don’t have what you’re looking for please have a look on the links page for details of another rescue who might be able to help.

NB We only rescue pet rodents and pigeons (both wild and pet). We do not rescue other species such as cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles etc

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