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Useful links

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Pigeon Poo Sampling
We now offer free pigeon faecal sampling for rescue pigeons

Other Local Rescues

Gerbil and Rodent Rescue
Gerbils and other rodents, based in Selhurst

GBH Rescue
Rodents, rabbits and guinea pigs in Beckenham

Stepping Stone Rescue
Cat rescue, Wallington

Wallington Animal Rescue
Cats, rodents and reptiles in Wallington

Rabbit and guinea pig rescue in Ewell, Surrey

Pigeon Recovery
Pigeon rescue in Sutton

Based in Richmond on Thames, rescuing all types of animal

Animal Care Information

All About Mice
A good source of advice and info

Help Wildlife
Advice about humane pest control and how to help wildlife in need, including listings of UK wide wildlife rescues

Some Useful Facebook Groups

Pigeon Rescue and Protection
A useful group for advice about pigeons

Fancy Mouse Care UK
Rescue oriented advice about mouse care

Rat Rescue Network UK
Group dedicated to finding rats new homes

Chinchilla Rehoming and Rescue Group
Group dedicated to finding chinchillas new homes

Degu Rehoming Group UK
Group dedicated to finding degus new homes

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