Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

The Pigeon Project

Pigeons have been one of Sarah’s favourite animals since she was a child. She has fond memories of feeding them in Trafalgar Square and, while working in wildlife rescue, came to realise what beautiful, characterful animals they are. We’ve loved caring for them in our animal rescue but we can only do so much due to limited space. The Pigeon Project is our way of sharing some of our knowledge and passion. It’s a work in progress but the aims are likely to be

        Provide factual information about pigeons, aiming to dispel some of the myths and urban legends which have led to unjustified prejudice against them

        Assist finders of pigeons in need to find a suitable source of help

        Gather information about pigeon abuse and campaign for their greater protection

        Provide support to pigeon rescuers in the form of donations and free faecal testing

        Work to create standard care protocols for pigeons in rescue to ensure they receive the best possible care

The Pigeon Project will be live in 2024 at PigeonProject.org.uk

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