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Our Residents

We try, wherever possible, to find new homes for the pet animals who comes to us and return wildlife we care for to the wild. However, this is not always possible.

Sometimes a pet comes to us who has health issues, who is elderly or whose past has left them traumatised. In these circumstances we sometimes make the decision that it would be unfair to the animal to unsettle them by rehoming them, or we feel that their ongoing needs are so complex that they would be best staying here and benefitting from our experience and specialist vet. On occasion the wildlife we care for doesn’t recover well enough to survive back out in the wild. We have two aviaries where disabled pigeons can live comfortably if needed.

We usually have around 40-50 resident animals between our ‘HQ’ and a handful of foster homes. You can see our current resident animals below. 

The costs of keeping our resident animals is the largest burden on our very limited finances. 

All are available for sponsorship for £20 a year. Your donation will help to keep them fed, comfortable, and healthy and, in return, we’ll email you a photo certificate and a letter from your chosen animal telling you all about their history, personality, and life with us. Please complete the form below to sponsor an animal – thank you for your support!

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