Animal Rescue

The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

July 2021 – we are changing the focus of our work. Click here to read more.

Our primary focus is on small pets such as hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, chinchillas and degus. Working full time and operating from our small home, we are not able to care for large numbers of animals so we concentrate on helping those animals we can to a high standard. While they are here, animals are housed in good sized cages, given a quality diet and regular opportunity to free range and interact with others where appropriate. We aim to find permanent, loving homes for our domestic animals. New homes are carefully vetted and adopters must sign an adoption contract. We offer lifetime support for all animals adopted from us so we are always on hand for advice and will take back any animal which can no longer be cared for. Where an animal is not suitable for homing, for example because of a health or behavioural issue, we will offer them permanent sanctuary here. Pet animals in our care are only ever euthanased if there is no hope of making them well and their quality of life is unacceptable. We will never put an animal to sleep because it is hard to home, because we have too many, because it is old or it bites or for any other reason than to end the suffering of an animal which our vet advises us is terminally ill.

Our passion is basically for animals which get overlooked or given a rough deal simply because of the body they happened to be born into. Some wildlife species such as pigeons and wild rodents, are often considered ‘vermin’ and even some wildlife rescues refuse to help them. We particularly ‘specialise’ in pigeons with broken wings or paramyxovirus.

Our aim is to return wild birds and animals to the wild. Where this is not possible each animal is assessed individually as to whether they might still be able to enjoy life in captivity. We have a small number of aviaries for disabled pigeons. We like to give wild casualties the chance to continue life in captivity if they can’t be released and only euthanase if their quality of life would not be acceptable.

You can see the birds and animals we are currently caring for here.

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