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Animal Rescue

When founded in 2008, The Starlight Trust’s primary work was as a hands-on animal rescue. Initially our focus was on small pets such as hamsters and rats, but around 2012 we started taking in injured pigeons as well. In 2014 we added an aviary so that we could offer sanctuary to pigeons too disabled to be released back into the wild.

Despite operating from our own small home and a handful of foster homes, we are immensely proud of the number of animals we were able to help heal and find new homes. Primarily between 2008 and 2020 we have taken in

Domestic Mammals
Other Wild Animals

And then the pandemic hit and we had to have a rethink. Founders Sarah & Dave both have health issues which made them vulnerable to COVID and, while the rest of the world has moved on, many disabled people like us remain at increased risk. Hands-on animal work, especially rehoming, presented too great a risk for us to continue. We also had to face the fact that our permanent pigeon space was full. We had been trying to recruit further foster homes without success and then one of our existing foster homes had a change of circumstances. We could no longer guarantee that pigeons brought to us would have a permanent home if they needed one meaning we would have to euthanase any disabled ones which we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do. So, since early 2020, we have been focusing more on our online work, though we still have around 40-50 animals in our care, mostly resident pigeons. You can meet them at starlighttrust.org.uk/residents

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