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The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey

Before you contact us, please be advised we have refocused our work to move more towards online work and are no longer taking in animals. You can read more here.

This means

 – We cannot help you to rehome your pet

see our links page for other rescues in the area

 – We cannot take in sick/injured/lost pigeons or any other wildlife

but we can help you find someone who can via our website

 – We have very few animals available for adoption.

Those we have can be seen here

 – We cannot help with jobs/work experience/visits/talks etc

 – We have a reduced need for donated animal goods

We’d encourage you to support a more active rescue from our links page where possible. We do still have around 60 permanent resident animals (mice, pigeons and degus) so we are grateful for donations of the following where other rescues can’t use them

  • mouse/chinchilla/degu/pigeon food
  • hay
  • paper or cardboard bedding materials, newspaper and shredded paper
  • small towels such as those up to hand towel size

We are currently unable to use donated cages, wheels etc as well as other types of food and bedding (such as sawdust or woodshavings).

With all of the above in mind, if you need to get in touch please email us. But PLEASE don’t email asking us to take animals in. We cannot help and having to say no breaks our hearts.

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