The Starlight Trust is an animal welfare and rescue organisation based in Surrey


Sarah is co-founder of the Starlight Trust and is our Animal Care Manager, Webmaster and Wildlife Services Manager


  • Boris

    A handsome, independent hamster
  • Bob

    A feral pigeon with PMV
  • Emerald

    A feral pigeon with badly swollen legs
  • Matisse

    A handsome male rat in need of neutering
  • Calzone

    A fledgling pigeon with a swollen wing
  • Eva

    A feral pigeon with string damage to her foot
  • Jalapeno

    A fledgling pigeon with coccidiosis and strong round her feet
  • Kirk

    A baby pigeon hatched from an egg rescued from a shop front which was being...
  • Frieda

    A feral pigeon with string and hair damage
  • Fred

    A feral pigeon with a bad leg

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